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I'm... not really good at saying how i feel. 
I'm more comfortable if it shows through my actions, 
the things that i do, the WAY i say some stuff. 
As much as i am a self-confessed logophile, 
i still can't seem to use words to show exactly how i feel. 
People can say all kinds of stuff right? My point exactly! (If you get what i mean.)

Saying per se is not enough, for me. 
I feel like I'm not doing my emotions any justice by expressing them verbally. 
Not that i'm a sucker for big gestures, NO, not at all. I try to do the the small things, 
the simple gestures that i believe can make other people smile just a secret little smile all by themselves. 
Those big gestures? can be a bit OTT in my opinion. 
cus for me, its the simple things that people do.. that gets me. 

And i hope the small things that I do, have that same effect on people. 
though i daresay it would be a tad frustrating at times (maybe MOST of the time)
but be patient with me... I'll get there someday.

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  1. Whoaa, lama maa tunggu post baru..

    *komen aku selalu x kena dgn tajuk kan?