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the heart did quite a number of awesome somersaults,
they were absolutely glorious I kid you not.
might've even received a standing ovation if it was for public viewing.
and then... like everything else that once was uphill, it fell.
in a downwards spiral it fell..
unceremoniously with a "SPLAT BANG!!!" center-stage.

then.. the heart lay there in complete silence.
drinking in the moment of searing pain.
cus it was used to it..
that feeling was something familiar,
like a long lost old friend.

there was no trampoline for it to bounce back on,

no landing for it to cushion the fall.
it stayed there in silent agony,
but somehow relieved that it was all alone.

it needed that fall,
it needed it as a reminder.
that all hopes should only be placed upon the One,
that all its love should only be directed to Him.

the heart knows that now.
believe me..
it knows.

aku lari jauh mana pun, last-last situ jugak aku berhenti.

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