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she read those books as if they are her salvation
she read tirelessly and without fail
one book after another, she read
as if searching for something
as if there is this hidden answer
that can be found buried
between the lines of the countless number of books that she read
she even buried herself in those books
finding comfort in the tales being told
finding solace in the moments written in ink

but somehow

all those warmth and security did not last for long
it left her wanting more
left her feeling unfinished and detached
detached from herself
detached from the characters
suspended in oblivion
lost and alone
even more alone than she ever was before


kau lupa
kau lupa pada bukuNya
yang kau cari sudah lama terhidang depan mata
tersimpan kemas di rak paling atas
cantik kau letak satu-satunya

terima kasih Tuhan
pada bukuNya dikembalikan ingatan
satu persatu dibuka lembaran
perlahan-lahan tidak lagi kehilangan

jangan lagi kau lupa pada Al-Furqan.

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