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so... i spent Eid Adha by the sea. and it was awesome! :]
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha everyone! and please watch your meat consumption people. heheh.

you ever have memories of a few people that is so vivid, you can never fail to conjure up the perfect image of those people and it still felt like yesterday?
I have.
i can even hear their laughter and their exact facial expressions. their eyebrows creased in concentration, the crazy way one of them laughed and that sweet smile of a friend you can never forget.
can you imagine how i felt when i get to see all of that again right in front of my eyes after 13years?
exhilirated. euphoric even.
those words can't even truly describe and convey my exact feelings when i get to see these three beloved, awesome people again.
when the four of us met that night, we just immediately clicked together, like we've never been apart for that many years! awesomeee! *non-stop grinning since i started typing this post*

yeah, 13years. i'm twenty now, you do the math.
AND i kid you not :]
Nad, me, Jiji, Ujai. the Fab Four. muehehe :]

we were the best of chums during preschool, running around the playground during break,
having how-to-brush-your-teeth classes by the drain, (yes. by the drain)
muffled conversations during class and grinning to our own little jokes,
doing the performance for our class together, (we sang nasheed! Nad and I still remembered the lyrics, Jiji's memory had to be revived first, but Ujai was the complete amnesiac, heheh.)
we believed whoelheartedly rumors about that haunted patch of shrub that seemed so big when we were little, we called it The Haunted Woods (no one gets out alive kinda thing, complete with an old haunted house kononnya
i could go on and on and on about the things i remember, when it comes to them..
but let that be stories i share with the four of us :]

i thank You, for bringing us back together. 
i thank You for giving me this chance and opening my options to study here in Egypt,
cus if i hadn't come, maybe i wouldn't have been reunited with them. 
and i thank the three of you for being one of my BEST childhood memories.
lots and lots and LOTS of love! ;]