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its like being in limbo.
you know how Susie Salmon was after she died and got stuck, literally, in the middle of nowhere?
that's exactly how i meant by saying "it's like being in limbo" just now.
you know how she went about in a carefree way, playing all day long with that friend of hers, they danced around, played in some kind of wide field, got dressed up in beautiful fancy clothes, having the time of their so-called 'lives', enjoying each and every single thing girls their age would normally do.
like there wasn't a care in the world.

or is there? 

this is what i mean, here i am, enjoying this so-called holidays, but can't quite enjoy it really, because there are some moments, everyday, that i'd grow quiet for a moment and be reminded that i am actually not in a position to laugh out loud to my hearts desire.
**macam gantung tak bertali laa kalau mahu berdrama untuk entri yang ini.
tergantung tak bertali, terapung-apung di udara yang takda oksigen pulak lagi, boleh bayang aku berkakai macam orang gila, tangan dengan kaki terpusing-pusing macam orang bodoh tak tahu apa yang boleh dibuat. (nama pun bodoh, memang laa clueless kan?)

this is exactly how i am, right now.
tapi aku rasa lawak ya amat lah situasi sekarang ni.
tu bukan aku taip dengan nada sarkastik yang memang sinonim dengan aku macam yang spiderman sendiri pernah cakap dengan aku.
tak sarkastik langsung.

jangan terkejut kalau ada yang takkan nampak muka seposen aku ni lagi lepas ni.
jangan terkejut jugak kalau ada yang tetiba nampak muka ridiculously unphotogenic ni terpacul depan biji mata.

okey? okey :]


  1. ko terbayang nak buat kerja gila apa? buat jak.
    teringin tgk. hehehe

    *curious dari hariiiii tuh lg taw. :D