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one day maybe, i'll go someplace, preferably South Korea, and it would be more appealing if at that time, the war between North and South Korea has ceased, so yeah, i'd definitely be headed there, and get a citizenship or something, or any kind of legal document whatsoever, that would allow me to get a job as a librarian in any of the small town public libraries. and then i'd get myself a place to stay, rent a small apartment or something of that sort, get acquainted with the neighbours, argue with the landlady some few odd times, go walking for one whole day around the countryside, or cycle along the beaches of the small town (i'd be sure to choose one which would have a couple of beaches), or scour through all the secondhand bookstores that the town would have and buy all of my favourite books, if i manage to get my hands on any, that is. and then, spend the rest of my day off at a quaint cosy cafe which makes the best cappucino or on second thought, maybe also the best lattes, and the barista would happen to be a very close friend of mine, who also happens to be the owner of the cafe, so yeah, it would be okay for me to sit there at the cafe for as long as i like, read my books, or even just be there, at my favourite spot, just below the shade of the cafe's awning, watching people go through their everyday lives. and when the day comes to an end, i'll go home and fall asleep while reading again, and when i wake up the day after, i'd be smiling and happy to go sit behind the desk at the side of the entrance to the library and occasionally go put the books where they belong and do lots of other things a librarian ought to do.