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i think its one of those days,
where your frustration builds up up and up..
and you can't do nothing about it.
but then, to whom should you put the blame, actually?
God knows how i wish i could blame someone else.
how i wish i could just scream and shout at the said person.
but then, i feel like i wanna scream and shout at myself even more.
i feel like slapping my face a hundred million times over and shaking myself till my brain rattles in its skull.
cause no matter how much i wanna put the blame on someone else..
i know I should've been more level-headed and clear-minded than what i was last year.
on these days, i get so angry.
so. very. angry.
at myself in particular, at myself especially, at myself exclusively.

*mind you, i am not in my usual calm state of mind.

so now i'm gonna wait till i calm myself down,
and my anger leaves my body exhausted,
so that i can welcome back my level-headed thoughts and clear-minded logic.