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**entri ini bukan entri yang emo, sila baca dengan nada gembira. sekian.

So basically my walk home is MY time of the day.
I'd be completely lost in another dimension (kononnyalah)
So i usually prefer to walk all by myself with those magical things that magically lets you listen to music on-the-go plugged snugly into my ears. *sniggers*
And yeah... sorry to the classmates if all you guys think i'm snubbing you lot. 
I'm very shy actually (no seriously, the me you "read" online is totally different with the me of flesh & blood), i only let myself go bonkers when i'm with my close friends. and when i say bonkers i really mean BONKERS as in lagi gila dari the me you "read" on twitter. *snigger sumore*
So, sorry again if i seem kinda snobbish. Do say Hi whenever you see me wandering around all by myself  :] 

okay. straying wayyy out of topic here. where was i?

So.. when you choose to walk all by yourselves everyday, it can either be so magnificently uplifting or downright depressing actually.
Macam tadi, i saw Apek (bukan nama sebenar) dengan Ehsan (bukan nama sebenar) walking together, chatting and laughing as chums normally do. and then i saw Lily, Nonong, Veney, Jo (note: semua bukan nama sebenar) walking side by side, stopping by some shops looking at some stuff, basically just having simple fun.
Made me go a bit sad. melancholic, i guess.

I miss being around my friends.

I don't mind being alone. I enjoy being with myself.
Seriously. I am actually very skilled in the Art of Being Alone (aiseh!).
to the point where my mum is actually very worried of me being too independant. heheh.
But maybe i'm done isolating myself. and i'm done reflecting on my mistakes. 
and also, i'm done remembering the past.
and maybe, just maybe.. i'm done with myself having difficulties to trust people.
I don't know. I don't know, for sure. 
but maybe i'll try. 

I wish someone would just come and tell me in my face that it's okay to let myself loose and to just wear my heart on my sleeves or something like that and tell me, I won't get hurt or whatever. I don't know :]

tak pun, tiba-tiba ada jejaka berkasut Jack Purcell offer to walk me home every other day, maybe? muehehe ;]
no, NOT just the two of us laa, that's for sure. aku cukup tau,  itu memang tak boleh. impian ini hanya mainan dalam kepala. a girl can dream, right?


  1. :) kite sama. sedih, sape tak kan.
    tapi, entah.........

  2. u wont get hurt dear ..
    *heheh, membantu x ..

    aku pn sgt2 rindu zaman2 kita selalu buat salah, n belajar dari kesalahan kita tu ..
    sgt2 rindu zaman kita sama2 kutip batu2 kecik atas jalan, then kita kumpul2, dia jadik 1 rumah yg besar !

    *ok, berhenti sebelum empangan pecah ..


  3. miya, jgn sedih! entri ni bukan untuk buat orang sedih. huu. tak tau nak pegi dekat sape, Dia ada kan? kita je selalu lupa yg Dia sentiasa ada :]

    zetotte. heheh. thank you beb! :] kau mmg peminat aku nombor 1 kan? :P kalau aku boleh nak mintak kita semua dpt study satu tempat, dah lama aku doa macam tu. tapi tak berkembang laa kan? :P jgn stop tegur silap aku ehh? love u lots! hihi.

  4. ehh tak sedih dah skang. sbb Dia ada :) Ummi pun ade kan? dulu2 je sedih, sekarang dah lali :D
    inn pun jangan sedih2. hihi

  5. it's impossible to say that you won't get hurt because we both know that you (and me) will eventually get hurt. God knows how our hearts will break again. and God knows why we experience that hurt. the least we could do is share our problem with Him by praying for His guidance.

    p/s: i like being alone whenever i can too but i wouldn't mind crowds. ambik tengah2 la kan? may Allah gives us strength to live life to the fullest in His Path :)

  6. this post reflects myself. being alone is good, lebih-lebih lagi bila tengah bad mood. tak la menjejaskan mood orang lain jugak =)

  7. Teringat zaman kita belajar sama-sama kat dorm Inn. Aku still simpan video yang aku record. Hehe. Bila teringat, terasa muda. Kahkah !

    p/s : Bukan kau sorang je yang hebat in the Art of Being Alone. Aku juga. Haha !