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these days, i've been blog-walking and seeing a lot of my friends writing "letters" to their Dear Mr.Future..
hmm.. the innocence of adolescent life :]

you know how i actually have loads to say, because i tend to overthink stuff ALL the time? haha.
but i never actually put them all here in thoughts. (because i am a shy person, like that) #sarcasm
i just type them out and file it somewhere here in the laptop just for me to see.

maybe this, is one of the pieces of the 'everything' that is stored safely away.

I say one thing,
but I may mean something else entirely.
so.. have some patience.
and you may ask,
"for how long are you gonna be this way?"
well.. my answer would be, for the rest of my life.

served you right to fall in love with this neurotic, over-thinking, anxious person.
but i promise you, you'll never experience a shortage of kek batik your whole life.
(or any kind of cakes for that matter)

all you need to do is..
to share with me,
not just your smiles,
but also your tears,
and all your insecurities.

You would never appear any less heroic,
I would just love you even more.

i actually wrote this aeons ago, and i never thought i'd share it with anyone.
but then i remembered my inspiration, that awesome couple i've known for like, forever :]
and.. then i saw this, from them..

ayah aku memang suwit, aku tau :D