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Its 2.30 in the morning now in Cairo. Not that sleepy, and besides, boleh bagi chance the others have some comfortable sleeping positions, for a change. Hey, note that i am posting this not to complain, or fret, or whine. Just wanna tell you guys how we are here. We are downright thankful enough that the water supply that we have is still sufficient now, the electric's still here, internet intact, the food supply is still holding up, and most importantly we know that all of us here know that we are safe, and looking after each other. Kept imagining the Palestinians, now we know how they feel. and maybe, what we are going through right now is just, on the scale of 1-10 of what they are actually feeling, is a mere 0.1. They've been at it for years, we've only been this way for just about a week, the most. So seriously, i am thankful enough.

but at times, that feeling of missing home and wanting to return to Malaysia can sometimes be too overpowering and overwhelming.
Thus the incident this morning, our outrageous behaviour of anger unleashed. totally immature, if i may say so myself. anak remaja berdarah muda, selalu bertindak melulu kan. selalu buat benda tak fikir dua kali, or berkali-kali for that matter. There's definitely no excuse for our bad behaviour, but then, to some who've been slacking at us without even knowing how it is here, that is kinda unacceptable. tapi tak boleh buat apa jugak laa kan, mulut orang bukan macam mulut periuk yang ada penutup, dan memang macam-macam berita yang disampaikan. So now, us here, my friends and i, are no longer getting all fired up at any mention of possible evacuation or anything asking us to "standby". We are just gonna wait and see what tomorrow's gonna bring. Tapi doa kami tak pernah putus, sebab memang tempat minta tolong paling bagus is? Dia.

so yeah, that's where we are putting all our effort and hopes at. Him.

untuk mamayahadikakak, jangan risau lah, i am healthy and well, but i seriously miss u guys, big time!
and to other family members and everyone yang tadah tangan tak putusputus doakan kami, trimakaseh banyak.

Semoga semua student Malaysia di Egypt selamat dan pulang ke tanah air, aminnn.


  1. amin. insyallah u'll be back in malaysia in no time. Just keep hang in there aite? =)

  2. i guess,the most i can do to help you is to pray for you. so, i hope you are safe there inn!semoga dpt balik malaysia dlm keadaan selamat! :)