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a friend once told me,
"you can tell a lot about someone from their doodles, you know"
she said, matter-of -factly.
i smiled,
"really? i retorted. how so?"

she only smiled.
"what do your doodles usually turn out to be?"
i answered,
"i don't know, they just come out randomly, nama pun doodles kan?" 
*duadua senyum*

i noticed mine, started out as random circles, 
but they can somehow evolve to heart-shaped...
hearts laa kan. -___-"

the friend smiled again, meaningfully this time,
"they say, the people whose doodles are in the same category as you, 
are..  those who are looking for true love, you know"
and she smiled some more.

and i... only laughed out loud with all my hearts desire.

then i whispered silently to myself,
who isn't? :]

ohh btw, the doodles on the guitar are indescribable with words, kan?
wish i could do that for anakin. 
he would look ohh-so-cool-and-authentic, dont you think?


  1. ni yang malas ni. malam2 sikit ah aku baca.
    entri bahse inggeris ni nak kena fokus kalau baca.

  2. u, once ,no i think twice asking me the same Q??
    hahhahhahha.. and my answer same here , a heart..
    i guess we both r looking , no actually waiting for that mr.Darcy..
    hahhahhaha...gambatte inn..
    n p/s i miss u here.. really!!

  3. hahaha.
    ok aku pon doodles wajib ada heart.
    tp tak pernah ada org nak tafsir doodles aku