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thought i just had to go through the usual series of teeth-poking, and that's that.
haha. i should've known better.

ohh btw, my apologies.
i couldn't resist uploading these pics with all their gory, bloody glory.
those of the weak-hearted? i am deeply sorry. truly i am.


the whole time during the ''extraction'', my mind was reeling.
thinking about a whole load of other stuff.
seronok betul minda melayang macam aku ni.hehs.
and i sure wished i'd told mum to record it.
the dentist used a screwdriver-like thingy to jam my tooth out.
seriously, he jammed my tooth out.
i thought my mandible was about to crack.
ohh btw, sorry, i don't know the actual name for the thingy.
would've asked at the end of the procedure if only my mouth was not packed with cotton gauze and if my lips could move and form the words correctly. all i was able to do was gaze excitedly at the said tooth above.
mind you, the anaesthetics were still there at that time, so basically  no pain.
but now, i might say, i look chubbier than usual. lopsided more like.
and, it HURTS. 
like bangingmycheeksonthewallforafewtimestomakethepaingoaway kind of feeling.
heh.much good that would do to me.
one more thing, my gingiva had to be sutured.
the space my wisdom tooth left was too big of a hole for it to close by itself, i guess.
aku memang mengada tak tertahan nak jugak pakai term 'gingiva' tuh, padahal gusi semata :D
ahh yeah. where was i? 
the suturing, yes. seriously regretting not having mum recorded the procedure.
have to go back to the dentist's in five days time to remove the sutures.

what's with my wisdom tooth that it has to suffer such gruesome fate?
well apparently i am one of the few lucky cases of wisdom tooth only able to come out half.
it is partly due to my small jaw; blame that on genes, my mum's jaw is kinda small.
the dentist told me. "aiyaa, you have very small jaw, all your teeth kesian sempitsempit sana."
and partly sebab memang Allah dah buat saiz macam tu :]

i am keeping the tooth,
minus all the blood that is.
thinking of maybe putting it under my pillow tonite?


  1. ehem2. all my 4 wisdom tooth dah tumbuh, but all separuh2 sejak dulu mula tumbuh till now! tiba2 worried haha. why u have to cabut? did it cause any damage or pain ka in the first pace? was the tooth healthy??

  2. siot. gua dah ler tgh sakit gigi sejak berbuka tadi. geraham plak tu.

  3. inn, jangan percaya cakap apit atas ni. haha

    lol, nak tukar jadi denntist ke? ehehe
    inn awat? kata urgent!

  4. Gruesome...Oh wait!
    I haven't had mine growing yet.I think.
    Ya..Looks like you're older than me.

  5. kak ned; the gums around your wisdom teeth bengkak nda? if not, nothing to worry about :) mine were dead swollen, sakit xpyh cakap laa. haha.

    penulis.sahaja; hello again, nama apit ehh? haha. chill laa. cabut je punnn :D

    kib; haha. ada jugak laa keinginan nak tukar dentist slps smlm, interesting do.
    cnfirm kau membuta en semalam?

    evo; suda cabut nih, xada laa suda. haha. still your donsaeng bha! :D

  6. aku.pon.mcm.nini




  7. aku MUDA!

    sorry aa semlm kalau respon kurang memberangsangkan :)