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hell yeah. look where that brought me. 
i was totally bummed out when i stumbled upon this. ehh no, more like tumbld upon it. 
and the quote the more you mould yourself according to people's views, the more you'll lose yourself ? 
eventually you will lose yourself completely.
so much so, to the extent that i don't even know who am i anymore.
a bit exaggerating, some of you would say.
but hey, that's how i absolutely feel right now.

but i guess the fact that i actually am realising it, is a good start.
i may stumble and fall countless times along the way, 
but these cracks i fell upon,
would definitely remind me of the lessons i learnt.
even if i stumble and fall again..
i'll pick myself up.
slowly. but surely.
even if it takes a lifetime for me to do it.
at least i tried.

so yeah, babblings is all gone.
its still there, but only for me to see,
as a momento for my shallow foolishness.